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E+ E Campers will get FOUR clinics being instructed by college coaches. 

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E+E COLLEGE COACH CLINICS will be held on college campuses Monday, Tuesday and Thursday mornings and will be for E+E Campers only. Coaches will be working with small groups, guaranteeing a fantastic opportunity to make college coach connections while getting world-class instruction. 

On-Campus College Coach Clinics are planned at the following  schools: 

  • Princeton University

  • Lehigh University

  • University of Pennsylvania

  • Villanova University


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THE PHILLY LAUNCH is an epic clinic that will be held on Wednesday, June 21st, and E+E Campers will be taken to this clinic as part of the total E+E camp program. These are the college programs that instructed last year; 2023 list will be similar. 

  • Naval Academy

  • University of Michigan

  • Stanford University

  • Harvard University

  • Brown University

  • Duke University

  • University of North Carolina

  • Johns Hopkins University

  • Penn State University

  • University of Delaware

  • The Ohio State University

  • Syracuse University

  • Villanova University

  • Richmond University

  • Stony Brook University

  • University of Delaware


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